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Do Your Part To Stand With Israel Today!

Israel faces enemies on every side who have vowed to “wipe Israel off the map.” The attacks never stop. Yet every act of self-defense is treated as a war crime by the United Nations.

This is unacceptable. As friends of Israel, we must demand our leaders send a clear message to the United Nations that we will not tolerate any attempt to prevent Israel from defending herself or punish Israel for doing so.

Israel desires peace – but she will do what is necessary to protect her people. But the Israeli government cannot and should not stand alone. Speak up now! Let our leaders know we want them to stand with Israel!

Help us send a strong message to the United Nations.


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We, the people of the United States, fully support Israel’s right to self-defense against threats both domestic and foreign. We reject any attempt to sanction, prosecute, or otherwise punish Israel for responding with force to acts of terrorism or war.

We ask you to use the full influence of the United States to ensure Israel has the freedom to take necessary defensive action against present and future threats to the safety and security of Israel’s citizens.